Basic Outfitting

As mentioned in the blog titled “the purchase” we needed a few key pieces of equipment just to get her to her new home in California. She needed a full set of sails. The sails she came with were Doyle sails but they were original. Although they were in good enough shape for some day sailing, a 4500 nautical mile sail required newer sails. I reached out to Bob Meagher III at Doyle Sailmakers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Bob was truly one of the nicest gentlemen I worked with along the way in Florida and made the process of buying new sails painless and easy.

Chismosa was in need of a Genoa, Staysail, Main and Mizzen. There was also a spinnaker onboard that was older, but serviceable which we kept for later use. Bob came to the Waterways Marina in Aventure, Florida where the boat had been kept and took measurements and came back with a quote for brand new sails and cradle covers (lazy jack system) and some needed sheets. The grand total for the new sail setup was $26,000.  The motor, sails, electronics, a good strong hull and good standing/running rigging are the heart of the boat in our opinion so we did not hesitate to buy quality when it came to any of these items. 2600 nautical miles later we couldn’t be happier with our decision to go with new sails from Doyle Sailmakers. The quality and service were fantastic.

The price included the following from Doyle Sails:

  • Blue Water Main Sail:
    • 674 sq ft
    • 2 reefs
    • 6 full battens
    •  luff slides
    • overhead leech line
    • head board
    • foot slides
  • Blue Water Mizzen:
    • 221 sq ft
    • 1 reef
    • 4 full battens
    • luff slides
    • head board
    • foot slides
  • Blue Water Roller Furler Genoa:
    •  125% genoa
    • 932 sq ft
    •  Sun cover
    • luff flattener
    • Overhead leech line
  • Blue Water Staysail:
    • 338 sq ft
    • hanks
    • 1 reef

Next, we looked at buying electronics. We knew that B&G was the brand we wanted for sailing and Ariel from ABB Marine was recommended to us for the purchase and install. We were quoted a price of $21K for the following B&G equipment:

  • B&G Zeus3 9” chartplotter
  • 508 Wind Sensor NMEA 2000
  • V90 VHF radio with AIS
  • Triton2 Speed/Depth/Wind indicator w/ 4” display
  • Pilot computer
  • Magnetic compass.
  • Auto Pilot controller
  • Pilot rudder feedback RF300
  • Pilot RPU 160 reversible Hydraulic Pump
  • VHF wireless handset
  • Misc. cables and mounts
  • Hailer horn speaker

The bottom needed to be painted per the survey recommendations and it was now about three years old. It was clearly overdue and we decided to use Sean from Royale Palm Marina for the job. We were quoted a price of $13K for the following work:

  • Soda blast bottom
  • Haulout and bottoms sanding and prep
  • (4) coats of primer were used because there was almost no paint on the exterior bottom when we got her.
  • (2) coats of Micron 66
  • Hull waxing
  • Re-packed the stuffing box
  • Zincs were replaced
  • Rudder was found to have water intrusion and mold. The inner portion for defective rudder was removed and refilled.

At this point the boat was about done with the big items, but I felt before we left the dock bound for California I had better have the life raft re-inspected. At the time of purchase, the boat had been equipped with an Arimar (8 person) raft and it was sent to 84 Boatworks in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This proved to be a valuable lesson when it came to life raft inspections. It turns out the life raft that came with the boat was total garbage. It was found to have water intrusion and the internal devises used to inflate the raft were inoperable. So had we left without inspecting the raft and needed it we would have been screwed. I purchased a brand new ocean-rated life raft (Revere Offshore Commander —8 person) with a hydrostatic release hammer and cradle for $3,392. It was a great investment and a huge relief to know that we were set if we needed a life raft for any reason.

At the time of inspection, the boat was found to have some under-sized wiring and there were no GFI outlets. Although during the refit, the boat had all new wiring installed, none of the outlets were grounded. I had a marine electrician (Randy Oberempt) come to boat and make some electrical improvements for safety. He installed, propane gas sniffers, Carbon Monoxide detectors, GFI outlets, grounded the entire boat properly and rewired any undersized wires. He added an galvanic isolator and replaced switches that needed replacing. This came at a cost of $4K but we felt it was needed. We do not want to have a fire on board due to incorrect wiring or lacking safety items like GFI. Although much of this work I could have done myself, Randy did it while I was still in California so that when I arrived to Florida to bring the boat home the work was complete and my insurance company (Boat US) required the work to be completed by a certified electrician.

The boat needed to be outfitted much like a small apartment would with basic kitchen items, cleaning supplies etc. For that I went to Walmart, but for a cordless drill and vacuum I went to HomeDepot (see below itemized expenses). I also purchased extra fuel/oil filters and motor oil. Two faucets needed to be replaced because they broke before leaving the dock and we purchased an Iridium GO for our sat phone and weather needs. The costs of these items are listed below.

Expenses (not including the boat, but prior to leaving the dock):

  • Doyle Sails – $26,000
  • B&G Electronics – $22,000 (cost went up a little from the quote)
  • Royale Palm Marina – Bottom Paint – $13,000
  • 84 Boatworks – Life raft $3,392
  • Electrical Repairs by Randy – $4,000
  • Home Depot – $300
  • Davis Plumbing – Faucet Repair $207
  • Satellite Phone Store – Iridium Go w/ Marine kit – $2,000
  • RPM Diesel Engine – Spare engine parts – $147
  • Landfall – wooden plugs and other equipment to stop leaks on board – $144
  • EPIRB – purchased from Amazon – $430
  • Misc. Items for ditch bag – $160 (we will do a blog specifically on ditch bag items and safety equipment in the near further)
  • Walmart – Basic household stuff, some provisions, cleaning supplies and items for the galley such as pots, pans, plates, utensils etc. – $736
  • West Marine – this is broken down into two categories; safety items and supplies for the boat such as clamps, hoses, caulking, bilge pumps, oil absorbent sheets, grill, Dacron cords etc.
    • Safety items: jack lines, horn, flares, horseshoe buoy, life sling etc – $851
    • Misc. Equip. : stated above – $1,468
  • Blue water Books and Charts- Paper charts $270 (route covered Florida to California), Electronic charts – $422 (North/South America plus Central America and the Caribbean)
  • Advance Auto Parts – Spare oil (15W40) for the boat – $120
  • Provisioning at Costco & Publix- $750
  • Fuel – Topped off the fuel tanks prior to leaving Florida – $307

Total spent after buying the boat, but prior to leaving Florida was $76,704

Listed below are the businesses and points of contact for the purchases and services mentioned in this blog:

Doyle Sails – Sail purchase and install

Address: 4710-C NW 15th Avenue, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, 33309

Phone: 800-541-7601


Contact: Bob Meagher III

ABB Marine – B&G electronics purchase and install

Address: 17361 NW 52 Place, Miami, Florida 33055

Phone: 786-357-6184

Contact: Ariel

Royale Palm Marina – Bottom paint and repairs

Address: 629 NE 3rd Street, Dania Beach, Florida, 33004

Phone: 954-923-5900

Contact: Sean (Service Manager)

84 Boatworks – Life raft

Address: 990 W. State Road 84, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33315

Phone: 954-779-7000

Certified Marine Electrician – Electrical upgrades

Address: 1497 SW 49Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33317

Phone: 954-235-6495


Contact: Randy Oberempt

RPM Diesel Engine Co. Inc. – Spare parts for engine and generator

Address: 2555 W. State Road 84, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33312

Phone: 800-660-6304

Satellite Phone Store – Iridium Go

Address: 2830 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego, California 92106

Phone: 877-943-6383


Landfall – Boat safety equipment

Address: 151 Harvard Avenue, Stamford, Connecticut 06902

Phone: 800-941-2219


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