Cruising Life

This is the post excerpt.

Our family is planning to one day begin a cruising life and to continue with that lifestyle for as long as it’s fun and enjoyable. Our hope was to put into writing many of those experiences and this blog is one way in which we will accomplish that. Although the idea of the blog came to us after we purchased Chismosa, we aren’t quite ready to leave yet so we are still able to capture many of the early preparations, moving onto the boat and early cruising experiences that will come our way. Although we are still aways out from beginning the cruising life, there are many adventures coming up that we will blog about, but for now I will try to go back and explain some of what has happened so far such as the boat purchase, the basic outfitting of the boat and the journey from Miami, Florida to Chiapas, Mexico where Chismosa is now. We hope you enjoy the blog and follow along.

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